Freaky Fringe Woodblock – Printmaking

Woodblock Print and Design | Client: T. Nealeigh | Freakshow Deluxe

Some people dream of running away and join the circus.
I actually did. Minus the running away part.

I met some of the most incredible people in the world while performing and working with this carnival-style circus sideshow performance troupe, The Freakshow Deluxe. People who influenced me and fostered my craft and showed me the incredible possibilities that creativity creates. The original concept was for trading cards to be sold at performances. The client loved the design so much, he asked for the first print to be used to advertise for their performances at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Human Blockhead


Sword Swallower





The woodblocks were carved on a single piece of teak.

BrotherDanWB TGunnWoodblock